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Capoeira is a Brazilian fight dance, whose roots probably go back to the African N'Golo ("zebra dance"). It was practiced and further developed during the colonial period in Brazil by slaves embarked from Africa.

In terms of content, capoeira is roughly characterized by three levels: the fight, the music and the "roda" (port. "circle") as the social framework in which the fight takes place. The fighting techniques themselves are characterized by extreme flexibility; there are many turning kicks, stepped-in kicks and acrobatics.

Traditionally, music is played during the fights, which follows an endless rhythm in different variations; suitable songs, often from the time of slavery, are sung. The fights always take place in a roda. This roda consists of a circle of capoeiristas and the musicians. There are always two capoeiristas fighting in the roda, whereas in capoeira the term "game" is used for a fight.

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The Centro Cultural Arte Capoeira was founded by Mestre Pará in 2007. The group is mainly located in Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate), but can also be found in Lahnstein, Rhens, and Berlin, as well as many cities in Brazil, such as Belém, Macapá, Gurupá and Fortaleza. 

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